Mike Gullo

Mike Gullo

Web Developer


I have been programming for 15+ years and am a recent graduate from the Case Western Reserve University Full Stack program (having been a consistent A+ student)... solidifying my skills as a developer/programmer and am seeking full-time employment in the field.

Not only do I take pride in my coding efficiency and proficiency, I am always eager to expand my skills into new areas. Solving problems, understanding the code and becoming better at programming has become very addictive. I love building apps that solve problems!

I really enjoy working on all parts of web development. Lately I have been working mostly with Javascript, Node, React JS, Next JS, Express server, controllers/resolvers, MySQL databases and writing RESTful APIs.

My Programming Skills

MERN Stack
Databases (MySQL and MongoDB)
Express Server
React JS and Next JS
Unit / Integration Testing
Git and Github
"The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple."
Grady Booch